Staffing teams are focused on getting the right people into the right roles on time and budget. Unfortunately, legacy systems and outdated processes slow down those goals.

HiringSolved is an AI-powered search and match platform for your earned talent data that helps you find top candidates quicker and eliminates irrelevant results.

How HiringSolved Scales Staffing Teams

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Increased Sales Volume

HiringSolved users submit candidates 66% faster – driving more revenue and standing out among the competition. With quality data and the power of AI, you can prioritize requisitions effectively and fill them quicker.

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Decreased Administrative Costs

Manual workarounds and too much reliance on advertising and marketing lead to sinking costs that can throw an entire budget off track. HiringSolved automates those workarounds and brings value back into your existing data.

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Automated Staffing Processing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning automatically match available candidates to open roles to keep pipelines full and functioning without manual effort. RAI, our AI-powered recruiting assistant, automatically uncovers similar candidates and skills to support your staffing process every step of the way.

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Increased Efficiency

HiringSolved improves recruiter performance by optimizing your existing data. With better access to your data, your veteran recruiters will upskill their current abilities, and new recruiters get up to speed faster, making reskilling roadblocks a problem of the past. Your staffing team can search clean and normalized data in one click and find exactly who they’re looking for in seconds.

We Changed How These Companies Hire

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Save $200,000 and Increase Placements

See how one HiringSolved customer had their best quarter on record less than 2 months after implementing our search and match platform.

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Hire 70,000 People in 90 Days

Lowe’s used HiringSolved to rediscover, score, and hire over 70,000 people in 90 days…surpassing their hiring goals by over 15%!

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Time Saving Features of HiringSolved

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Transparent Scoring

Filter candidates with real-time applicant scoring from structured and unstructured job requirements, automatically generated by HiringSolved.

Insights and Analytics

Detailed insights on candidate search results show common job titles, previous employers, education, skills, locations, and more. Click any insight and limit candidate search to those results.

Diversity Prediction

Automatically reorder results to distribute diverse candidates at the top of a search based on multiple criteria.

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