There is only one sure-fire way to increase workforce diversity: Put more diverse candidates into the interview pipeline. HiringSolved's Diversity Search™ enables sourcers and recruiters to increase candidate diversity where it matters most, in the top of the hiring funnel. A more diverse candidate pool means a more diverse workforce. Find out how HiringSolved's Diversity Search™ technology can help you hit your hiring and diversity goals today.

Deep analysis on big data

Rather than relying on specific schools or affiliations, which yield questionable results and which do not guarantee candidate diversity, we let mathematics do the heavy lifting. Diversity Search™ harnesses the power of Big Data to develop statistical models, which are used to analyze hundreds of data points per candidate to determine candidate diversity on the fly.

Continuous learning and improvement

A major advantage of our approach is that our Diversity Search™ algorithm is constantly learning. Each new candidate we analyze makes the model better. HiringSolved’s TalentFeed database has analyzed billions of unique documents and is constantly growing. This constant influx of data feeds all of our learning algorithms, allowing our search technology to get faster and more accurate over time.

Diverse searching on your data (and ours)

Our Diversity Search™ Engine can be used in several of our products including One Search™, which enables our high-speed Talent Search interface to be applied to your data inside of our Private Cloud Architecture. This means you can use Diversity Search™ to enable diverse sourcing on your own CRM database. The Diversity Search™ Engine can also be utilized to assure diverse sourcing capabilities on millions of candidates in HiringSolved’s TalentFeed database.

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