Search and source globally

Your perfect candidate could come from anywhere. That’s why we’ve built a people aggregator that gathers data from around the world and accepts search queries in any language. For example, to find engineers who speak Japanese or Russian just search “エンジニア OR инженер”, we have your candidate. Multilingual search makes HiringSolved a truly global sourcing solution. You can also search up to 10 cities at once or search an entire country with ease. Whether you’re looking for a CoffeeScript developer in Denver or a sous chef in Malaysia, HiringSolved can help.

Clone your perfect candidate

You can search our database of millions of candidates using keywords and boolean operators or take a different approach entirely. Search by using an example resume with our advanced Candidate Cloning tool. Simply upload a resume to start your search. HiringSolved instantly analyzes the resume and produces candidates with matching skills. No keywords required. You can even combine search types by starting your search with an example resume then using keywords and boolean strings to refine the results.

Find talent in any field

Unlike most sourcing solutions, HiringSolved’s database covers all skill sets. If you’re responsible for diverse talent acquisition, why spend hours switching systems or sites when you could search one database and find candidates for every job on your list? Instead of just having tech candidates, we have biotech, oil & gas, sales, marketing, medical, nursing, management, design and so much more. Source anyone and everyone within one place. Our Search Directory contains pre-built searches for candidates in over 50 diverse professions so you can start searching with one click.

Keep track and work together

Organize your candidates, your way. Once you find your perfect candidate, use our fast and flexible tagging function to tag candidates with custom labels that you can recall at any time. Tag candidates with job names, interviewing status, qualifications or anything else that makes sense for your workflow. Your tags are visible to everyone on your team, allowing you to collaborate easily. Users can also save, label and share searches so that you can instantly continue your search or see new candidates for a favorite search. And our searchable history feature lets you find any search you forget to save.

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“Sometimes you come across a product or a service that is so good you don’t want to tell people about it and just keep it for yourself. Essentially, that is what HiringSolved is to TalentAttach & myself. ”
Tim Savage, Founder, TalentAttach