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Today’s workplace is in flux. In 2021, more than 38 million workers quit their jobs in what many are calling the “Great Resignation.” Why? In the wake of the pandemic, they’re re-evaluating their career choices and looking for meaningful, rewarding roles.

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That’s great news for recruiting and staffing teams! Candidates are plentiful, and there are more open roles than ever. The key to success will be your ability to match top talent with their ideal jobs quickly – and that requires a data-driven approach free of complex, manual workflows that slow the placement process down.

Whether you’re working for a staffing organization, RPO firm, or a corporate HR department, HiringSolved is the perfect AI recruiting solution for automating and simplifying recruitment – and helping you find, match and place ideal candidates in their dream roles.

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Staffing Teams

Increase performance and placements with access to clean, normalized candidate data. HiringSolved’s AI-powered resume match technology delivers instant insights across existing candidate data sources, helping recruiters find the perfect match for open reqs in seconds.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Reduce overhead by over 30% and boost productivity with workflow automation. HiringSolved delivers data-driven insights you can use to fine-tune your recommendations and help clients find the perfect new hire — fast.

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51% of candidate records don’t have a resume attached.


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Corporate Talent and HR Leadership

Identify the ideal candidate in seconds, and start building relationships with people who will add value to your organization. By aligning candidate skills to job requirements with speed and precision, you’ll speed time to hire and increase retention, while cutting administrative overhead.

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Recruiters and Sourcers

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, recruiting success relies on data-driven decisions. HiringSolved automates labor-intensive recruiting workflows, so you can fill your pipeline with highly qualified candidates quickly and start building lasting relationships with top talent, instead of drowning in inefficient processes.

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“Before HiringSolved, we felt like a recruiting firm that didn’t have the tools to do recruiting … HiringSolved is taking us to Level 10.”

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