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Your team is laser-focused on matching the right people with the right roles – but legacy systems can slow them down with irrelevant results. Our AI staffing and search-and-match platform analyzes talent data across all your data sources in seconds, making the process of matching candidates to open reqs a no-brainer.

HiringSolved removes reskilling roadblocks and improves recruiter performance by optimizing your existing data.

Your staffing team can search clean, normalized data with a single click and find who they’re looking for in seconds.

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Unify Your HR Data

Get real-time insights from data across your ATS, CRM, and HRIS systems in a single pane of glass that reveals candidate sources and qualifications.
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Focus on People, Not Process

Leverage AI staffing and automation to streamline recruiting workflows.
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Drive More Revenue

Stand out from your competition by submitting candidates up to 66% faster.
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Reduce Costs

Automate workarounds and eliminate costly manual tasks that slow you down and throw off your budget.
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Improve Recruiter Performance

Get new staff up to speed quickly, and upskill veteran recruiters to maximize efficiency.
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Get it Right the First Time

Quickly understand hiring trends and market insights with real-time reporting, and fine-tune your recommendations for the perfect new hire.
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Find More Candidates

Quickly and easily find candidates with similar skill sets using our skill matching software and AI-powered recruiting assistant RAI.
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Give Diversity a Boost

Our Diversity Boost feature encourages diversity and inclusion by bringing resumes for individuals in underrepresented groups to the top, so they won’t be overlooked.

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The Smart Way to Place Candidates

HiringSolved saves time and money with AI-powered scoring, insights, and predictions.

Detailed insights on candidate search results show common job titles, previous employers, education, skills, locations, and more, eliminating guesswork and enabling data-driven hiring decisions. Click any insight and limit candidate search to those results.

Automate the painstaking task of searching for available candidates, matching qualifications to required skill sets. HiringSolved makes it easy to track current contracts and redeploy your trusted candidates into jobs they’ll love.

Automatically reorder results to distribute diverse candidates at the top of a search based on multiple criteria.